We are a private non-equity membership Club.  Those interested in inquiring about membership in the Club should contact any member or email us at: billhonan181@gmail.com.

Applications for Membership

Individuals seeking membership need a principal sponsor to sign and submit a membership application and two co-sponsors. Any member can procure a membership application from the Club Office. Members of our Membership Committee will gladly assist potential new members in developing sponsorship relationships with existing Club members. 

Classes of Membership

We have two basis classes of Membership:  Regular and House. Regular Members have full dining privileges and unlimited use of all sports facilities. House members have full dining privileges and may use the sports facilities on a limited basis and upon the payment of a daily use fee.

All Club privileges conferred on a member are equally conferred on his or her domestic partner. Privileges are also conferred on all members' unmarried children who are 30 years old and younger.  Grandchildren under the age of 12, when escorted by the member, also have Club privileges.

Initiation Fees and Dues

A schedule of initiation fees and dues is available from the Club Office. The Club offers a reduced initiation fee and reduced dues to members with no domestic partner.  It offers a reduced initiation fee and an extended payment plan for prospective members under the age of 45.  

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